The Whistler's Dream

Everybody needs a dream...
Mine is to go to Oklahoma and play whistles for The Pioneer Woman. (Having been invited, not in a "creepy stalker" kind of way, for the record.) Heck, I'd play in a pup tent in the backyard for the joy of the cows and critters. What can I say? I'm a fan.
Everybody needs a dream...

Random Fluffy Foto!

Random Fluffy Foto!
Writing in bed, and Beka editing by ear. Really. The ear typed some letters. Really.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

We're HOME!!!

Back from another amazing week of Family Camp at Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp. Vicki and I had some major relaxation, some swimming, some bike riding, and quite a bit of just loafing and reading in the shade. It was a great week with good weather and excellent company. Who could ask for more?

Major thanks to Hannah for watching over our baby girl while we were away. I assume from the soggy rugs, the crumpled stuff in the bedroom, and the long leash still attached to her that there were some interesting moments?... We'll look forward to hearing the details.

Now - back to the real world. Kicking, screaming, and ready to just throw it all back in the van and take off again, but back nontheless. :-D

Friday, July 21, 2006

Farewell, dear friend...

Note: If you're the type of person that thinks that it's silly to mourn the passing of an animal companion, this post is not for you. Feel free to move along...

It's time. This afternoon, our beloved husky, Kira is going "to sleep." She's been declining for a while now, and things finally ran their course. We'll be broken up for a while - she's the first dog that we've raised from puppyhood, and was special in many ways... so please indulge me as I say goodbye...

Thanks for doing the Kira dance when Vicki comes home, even when you got to the point where your legs would give out...

Thanks for rubbing your head and cuddling so well.

Thanks for your beautiful blue and brown eyes, your soft fur, and your gorgeous husky smile.

Thanks for being Buddy's "seeing eye dog," and teaching him to be a great dog.

Thanks for accepting Ezri, even though it meant that she'd run all over you. That's ok - she runs all over us, too.

Thanks for being a great companion, even though you would "blame" me when Vicki was gone for a few days.

Thanks for being Vicki's dog. You were always momma's Baby Girl.

Thanks for coming home when you'd sneak out of the yard. Hope you enjoyed the ride to the airport with the neighbors, before they returned you.

Thanks for being my mom's favorite - and for coming home with us even though she wanted to keep you.

Thanks for taking Vicki's place when she would have to get up before me - so smoothly that I didn't even wake up or know she'd left.

Thanks for being a friend. We will miss you, TinyDog.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dark Chocolate is BACK, JACK!!!

According to an M&M's email they sent to those of us interested, dark chocolate M&M's are being released again. They were out for the last Star Wars movie (get it? The DARK side?...) but then went away. Which bummed me to the MAX, since I LOVE them. So, according to them, these little discs o' yummyness are available once again.

Which means I'll be stockpiling. I'm not taking any chances that they're going to vanish again. :-D

Friday, July 14, 2006

Over the river and to the lake...

Nice riding adventure last night - we rode out onto the pier at Grand Haven. At times it was more a game of DodgePedestrian ("if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a pedestrian") than a ride, but we were treated to a golden sunset and a great supper at my all-time favorite mexican restaurant - Pruebelo. It's amazing - expecially the refried beans, since they don't use any fat or lard in them at all - just beans. Delicious! So, a great dinner, about 3 miles of riding, and some nice sunset photos to boot - gotta love it! And check out the shirtsleeve tan on the Captain - my lower arms have been getting a lot of sun this year, as is obvious by the lovely fish-belly white of the uppers. Ah well... :-D

Monday, July 10, 2006

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Income...

So, here we are. July. Sheeesh... As for where we are at, my "career" these days goes off in three directions:

1) Jewelry making: We're looking at a couple of outlets for selling the jewelry on consignment. And, we want to get pictures of some of the pieces on our site VERY soon. People keep telling me that it's good stuff, so I guess we continue to pursue this.

2) Storytelling & Magic: Two gigs on the books for fall, and a mailing to churches going out hopefully before we leave for Family Camp. Also a re-design on the promo material. By the way - if your Church is looking for someone for a special program for Sunday School, Children's Church, AWANA, etc., PLEASE direct them to :-D

3) Music: Only one retirement community on the books, for August. That leaves a lot of empty days before and after Family Camp. I wonder sometimes if this whole "creative pursuits as a career" thing is really going to work, but it seems to be what my path is right now. I DO love playing for seniors - they sing along with their favorite tunes, and ask cool questions. :-D

I'm finalizing what songs are going to be on my CD, and really REALLY want to release it in August, but we'll see. I'm also trying to see where else my style of music might be used, and thus find other potential places to play.

I love this path, except for the income thing. We are pretty tight right now, but keeping our noses above water. And, Vicki is totally with me on what I'm doing right now. If she felt differently, I'd change directions immediately. But, since we both agree, here is where I stay for now. And, I see all of these changes as mercy, not punishment. God knew I needed this, and even though it hurt deeply, He is there, He is not silent, and He continues to provide.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th, people!!!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! We're heading over to the Ludge-Pointe 4th Bash - that intimate little event that takes over a quiet neighborhood every July. We're in charge of music, so I've got the iPod all loaded with the usual eclectic mix that makes my friends dance one minute and look at me as if I'm from Mars the next. Always fun - just don't hit Eric with a water balloon, or you're getting thrown in the kiddie pool.

One of these years, I'm going to throw one at him, just to see how determined he is. If he can get ME into the pool, heaven help the others. :-D

Happy 4th, everyone! God bless America!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Another Rockford Run!

We rode to Comstock Park again Thursday night - just Vicki and I, which was quite fun. And today Tammie & Greg invited us to do another Rockford ride. :-D So, another 11 mile ride, with a stop in the middle for some ice cream. (Traverse Bay Cherry Fudge - YUMMMM!!!! It was SOOOOoooOOO good...) Did alright. Got a little sore within the first two miles, popped a Motrin, told my knees to stuff it, and got down to some great trail riding through beautiful scenery. It was hot and sticky, but still a great ride. And a nice time of food and fun at the George's afterward.

Have I mentioned we LOVE riding our bikes? No? Well - let me tell you about it...