The Whistler's Dream

Everybody needs a dream...
Mine is to go to Oklahoma and play whistles for The Pioneer Woman. (Having been invited, not in a "creepy stalker" kind of way, for the record.) Heck, I'd play in a pup tent in the backyard for the joy of the cows and critters. What can I say? I'm a fan.
Everybody needs a dream...

Random Fluffy Foto!

Random Fluffy Foto!
Writing in bed, and Beka editing by ear. Really. The ear typed some letters. Really.

Friday, September 28, 2007

First ride, first fall...

The Anla'shok came home today. It was here last week, we worked on assembling it Friday and Saturday, decided it had a couple of issues that needed professional help, took it to Freewheeler on Monday, and it came home today. Vicki rode it home, and she did a fine job even though it was kind of like watching a 3 year old trying to ride dad's bike.

She went back to work, I adjusted the seat a bit, and took it to the end of the block and back. Oi. I thought I knew how to ride a recumbent, but this bike is very VERY different. Not in a bad way - just different.

Then, coming back to the house and up the driveway, I answered the question of when the first crash would be. :-D Fortunately, it was on the grass, and the bike didn't seem to get any damage. Took me a while to figure out how to get up off the ground, but there we are.

And yes, I did get back up on it and try it again. If you fall of the horse, and need a forklift to get back up, get on the bike again before the horse poops on you. Or something like that. Almost ditched it the second time, but I managed to stick the dismount.

Opinion? There's a learning curve, but this thing flies. :-D The guy at the bike shop said, "the steering is a little weird at first, but once you get going, this thing flies - I was going about 25 mph without much effort at all." Pretty much sums up the recumbent world - when you get going on them, they haul shell.

Pictures soon. But for now, the Anla'shok is in da house. A gift from some folks who want me to be around for many years to come. I know the snow will fly soon, but until then, I'll be hitting the trail on the new ride.

Just as long as I'm not hitting the trail... literally. *ouch*

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy birthday, beloved...

I'll admit it - in all the fervor of celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day, I did let something slide by. But I wanted to save it, to give it a proper place. So, here it is.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKI!!!! (yesterday, that is...)

So, stealing an idea from Amelia (who's blog you'll find a link to over on the right), I'm going to make a list. Now, Amelia only had to do 30, for Ked's 30th. But, without revealing Vicki's age, I think I'll go for a bit more than that... Say... Um... oh... 45. Don't have ANY idea why that number popped into my head. Really. No clue...

45 things I love about Vicki...
1) She's a true technogeek
2) She likes to fix things. LOTS of things.
3) She makes amazing grilled cheese sammys
4) Her singing voice is lovely
5) She rocks on the tympani
6) She's a good pianist too
7) Her problem solving skills are truly great
8) She has GPS DNA - if we need to get there, she'll find it
9) She loves to drive
10) Her taste in music is eclectic as mine
11) She's just as crazy as I am
12) Her laugh - which can be heard over great distances
13) Her smile, which brightens up my day
14) Her eyes, lovely green - I sometimes call her Bright Eyes
15) She gives great hugs
16) And back scratches
17) She loves God deeply
18) She serves others selflessly
19) She cares about others deeply
20) She has mad math skills
21) She is patient... very VERY patient
22) She loves dogs
23) She cries at movies
24) She loves me unconditionally
25) She will drop everything to help someone else
26) God has gifted her with a servant's heart
27) She is in this marriage for the long haul
28) She wouldn't mind being an OTR truck driver
29) She looks at me, and doesn't see my weight first
30) She's very curious
31) She makes the "monkey face"
32) She loves with her whole heart
33) She works with her whole heart
34) She lives with her whole heart
35) She always does what's right even when no one else is watching
36) She shows me what God's love looks like
37) She was (and is) a true daughter to my mom
38) She's as into quotes as I am
39) Her sense of humor - we laugh a lot around here
40) Her intuition - I always trust her instincts
41) She's beautiful - both on the outside and the inside
42) She's my #1 fan
43) In any situation, her thought is, "how can I help?"
44) She is exactly who she is - never false, never unkind, never petty or cruel
45) She's The World's Best Kisser!!!!!! (T.W.B.K)
(What, Amanda? Did you think I'd leave that one out????)

Happy birthday beloved. I love you more each day...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wednesday - it's that time again. ARRRR!!!

Avast, ye scurvy goat-kissing mule-brained dogs!!! 'Tis time once again for that grand celebration - International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!!!!! And, as usual, I got me a pirate name. I actually like this one better than others - it's from

My pirate name is:
Mad Sam Kidd
Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

And, as usual, I also ran Vicki through the thing...

My pirate name is:
Dread Pirate Flint
Like the famous Dread Pirate Roberts, you have a keen head for how to make a profit. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

There ye be. Hoist the colors!! Swab the poopdeck. Prepare to fire!!! ARRRRRR!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The arrival cometh...

Got word on Friday that the Anla'shok is in transit - should be here on Wednesday, which is both Vicki's Birthday and International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Talk about a celebration... riding the Anla'shok, toasting my beloved's birthday, and yelling "Avast, ye scurvy dogs!!" at passing bikes on the bike trail. Should be a wonder to behold.

If you don't know what the Anla'shok is, see August's posts. :-D

Life is really good. My focus is to remember all lessons learned in the valley, so that I don't get too comfortable on the mountain and have everything go splat when I roll down the other side.

God is good. Always. :-D

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Playing Saturday Night in Grand Rapids!!!!

Saturday Night at Dillenbeck's!!!

If you've never been to Dillenbeck's, you really ought to come and check it out. It's a very nice venue - one of my favorite places to play. Do the clicky-clicky on the date over to the right, and you'll get the scoop on Dillenbeck's!

Hope you can come out sometime to say hi, enjoy some music, and support the arts and local businesses in West Michigan!!!

And, a great time was had by all Wednesday night at Mocha-n-Music in Hudsonville - what a great place!!! I'm there again at the end of the month, and really looking forward to it!!!