The Whistler's Dream

Everybody needs a dream...
Mine is to go to Oklahoma and play whistles for The Pioneer Woman. (Having been invited, not in a "creepy stalker" kind of way, for the record.) Heck, I'd play in a pup tent in the backyard for the joy of the cows and critters. What can I say? I'm a fan.
Everybody needs a dream...

Random Fluffy Foto!

Random Fluffy Foto!
Writing in bed, and Beka editing by ear. Really. The ear typed some letters. Really.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

It has ended...

Father Daughter 2006 is history... Had a great time playing both nights, and was totally honored to meet Scott Krippayne - he's one righteous dude! Lots of nice comments from folks about the music - and even some interest in my CD.

So, what's next? Well, we're going to celebrate Christmas with the nieces (they've been waiting since December...), as well as have an open house to celebrate Vicki's Grandfather's 100th birthday. :-D I'm also taking along my beads and tools, and will get some time to just sit and play with jewelry designs.

After that, I switch to magician mode, and have a show to do at Immanuel Reformed (here in Grand Rapids). Then a busy few weeks will slow down... NOT! April's Toonz programs are due, so I'll be cranking those puppies out very soon.

I am wondering if I'm filling up my days with too many "things" - too much busy work in the wrong areas, when I should be focusing on something else. The Lord has a reason for putting me in this place, and I wouldn't want to miss the lesson by being "busy." There are many possibilities for what is next, and I feel like it's time to start narrowing down the field. We'll see...

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