The Whistler's Dream

Everybody needs a dream...
Mine is to go to Oklahoma and play whistles for The Pioneer Woman. (Having been invited, not in a "creepy stalker" kind of way, for the record.) Heck, I'd play in a pup tent in the backyard for the joy of the cows and critters. What can I say? I'm a fan.
Everybody needs a dream...

Random Fluffy Foto!

Random Fluffy Foto!
Writing in bed, and Beka editing by ear. Really. The ear typed some letters. Really.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Light in a dark place

OK - I'll admit it. I don't know '90's music. I'm a child of the '70's, I worked in secular radio (and listened to a lot of music) in the '80's, but when it comes to the '90's, um...

Where did I put my Captain & Tennille Greatest Hits CD?...

So, what am I doing, playing such songs as "Wonderwall," "One," and "Walk On The Ocean" ? Doing what a bass player does, I guess. :-D My friend Jeremy Hoekstra, who is a fine singer/songwriter (and if you get a chance, you should really go hear him sometime - check his site for his schedule) asked me to play bass for those gigs where he wants a full band. Evidently, old dogs can be taught new tricks. :-D I play electric upright bass on those gigs, and it's a very nice sound along with Jeremy on acoustic guitar and his dad on drums. (his dad is a VERY good drummer!)

And so we play in coffee houses, and it's a blast. And, he's been asked a couple of times to play at The Break Room on Plainfield. Not exactly a coffee house. :-D And it's interesting to see how folks respond to his songs, where his faith is not shouted but rather strongly implied. And you can tell there's a difference in the music, and how it relates to people, and how it's received.

And for a while, a light comes into a dark place.

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