The Whistler's Dream

Everybody needs a dream...
Mine is to go to Oklahoma and play whistles for The Pioneer Woman. (Having been invited, not in a "creepy stalker" kind of way, for the record.) Heck, I'd play in a pup tent in the backyard for the joy of the cows and critters. What can I say? I'm a fan.
Everybody needs a dream...

Random Fluffy Foto!

Random Fluffy Foto!
Writing in bed, and Beka editing by ear. Really. The ear typed some letters. Really.

Monday, June 18, 2007


In the last two weeks, we have...

- Traveled to Columbus OH for a Cirque du Soleil show (Corteo, which I believe is now our favorite one...)

- Traveled to Newberry MI (in da UP, eh?) for grandpa's funeral. This also had the AMAZING benefit of getting to see Vicki's brother Dennis and his daughter Dillon. (and allowing me to get a soon-to-be-posted picture of all FOUR of my cuter than cute nieces, which should pretty much settle the competition with Hannah once and for all!)

- Drove home with Ezri on Sunday, while Vicki went down to Ohio with her sister for the memorial service and burial on Tuesday.

- Delivered the first of some music I've been working on for a new podcast from CBH. It's a fun project, and I've got more to work on...

- Did the first of our summer story hours at Frenz on Plainfield last Wednesday, and a really fun time was had by all - even by the folks who came in during the gig and wondered what in the WORLD was going on...

- Got a notice from the city that if we don't get our yard under control, we're in trouble. Sheeesh. Yes, I'll get that done in the next day or so.

Add to that some rehearsals coming up for a couple of different gigs, getting ready for some possible voice tracking work, and trying to keep the house and our lives afloat... I'm tuckered. :-D

Enough of that. Time to make some calls and get to work. :-D

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